One Punch Man: The Strongest Wiki

Event Info

  1. After event starts, Gems can be used to exchange for Lucky Coins
  2. Each draw grants a unique prize - you'll never get duplicate prizes! Draw 10 times and you're guaranteed to get all of the rewards
  3. Lucky Coins costs for each draw is respectively: 10,20,30,50,60,80,100,120,120,150
  4. You will get reshuffle chances after getting a rare reward.

Round 1 Rewards

  1. Backpack (CE Keepsake) x 25pcs
  2. Superb Figurine Base I
  3. RND Badge Chest II x 10pcs
  4. Ascend Supply Token x 5pcs
  5. Crystal [S] x 300pcs
  6. Crystal Core x 150pcs
  7. Star Ascension Card x 5pcs
  8. Hero Omnishard II x 5pcs
  9. Child Emperor Shards x 6pcs
  10. EXP Soda III x 80pcs

Round 2 Rewards

  1. Backpack (CE Keepsake) x 25pcs
  2. Party Supply Token x 5pcs
  3. Coins 300k
  4. EXP Bottle II x 30pcs
  5. Keepsake EXP Card III x 6pcs
  6. Insignia EXP Card III x 8pcs
  7. Parts Supply Token x 10pcs
  8. Child Emperor Shards x 6pcs
  9. Monster Omnishard II x 5pcs
  10. Exp Soda III x 50 pcs