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Game Sypnosis

One Punch Man: The Strongest is a mobile game available in both IOS and Android devices, it is a combination of gacha and turn based game. Players can take on battle by building a team of 6 different characters from the anime. You are free to fight monsters, engage in PvP and do exciting quests and events.

The game categorizes its characters into 4 types of rarities. SSR being the highest and the strongest units followed by SR, R and N.

Characters are also divided into 4 Different Factions which is Grappler, Duelist, Hi-tech and Esper.

Battle Points(BP) is used to gauge the progress of the players. However higher BP doesn’t always mean a stronger team.

Proper combination of characters in a team plays a big role if not the most important. Gears will also change how your team will perform.

Overall there is a lot of possibilities in playing One Punch Man: The Strongest. Explore the game freely and play it your way!

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